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Planned Giving

Thank you for your interest in Boys & Girls Clubs. Our hope is to serve you and your family with helpful information. We have been experiencing a great deal of interest from friends of Boys & Girls Clubs in becoming members of The Heritage Club. These are individuals, like you, who are passionate about supporting all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens. They have become members of The Heritage Club by making a planned gift. We invite you to explore the benefits of gift planning and to see how your gift might help save a child. 

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A Legacy That Will Last
No one told the tulips the bad news. Although the newspaper seems to land with a harder thud lately and the television does not seem to want to bring good news, no one told the tulips. More ...

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Benefits for Family and Boys & Girls Clubs

There are several types of plans. Many of these have wonderful benefits for the gift donors. Many of these families have enjoyed increased income and generous tax savings. You might start by meeting these friends. Just click on the picture and you can view each story.

Stop To Smell the Roses
Henry loved his Boys & Girls Club and shared his excitement whenever he could. Henry was a wonderful supporter and member of the Board. As a great board member, dedicated to his local community and his local Club, Henry left his own wonderful planned gift to the Club through his estate plan.More on Stop To Smell the Roses >>.

Support the Children
During their first 10 years of marriage, Al and Marion had developed a personal mission - supporting children who need help the most.More on Support the Children >>.

Double My CD Return
Valerie is a retired high school English teacher. She has been a careful saver and has a number of certificates of deposit, but she has seen her income decline.More on Double My CD Return >>.

Easy IRA Gift
Barbara retired after forty years as a teacher. She had volunteered for many years with Boys & Girls Clubs. She had an IRA and was nearing the time to take her required payout for this year in the amount of $2,000. More on Easy IRA Gift >>.

Steps to Wise Giving

There are several steps to help you make wise and prudent gifts. These pages are here to help you learn how gift planning ideas can be of personal benefit. Let us suggest a few steps that would help you in that process.

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