Planned Giving

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”

-Winston Churchill

Planned Giving

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley changes the lives of children and teens throughout our communities by encouraging and organizing planned giving from generous donors like you. Planned giving allows independent donors to make a lifetime or testamentary charitable gift through their will or estate.

Individuals like you, passionate about supporting all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens, have also become members of one of our giving societies, like The Heritage Club, Jeremiah Milbank Society, or Lifetime Giving Society.

We invite you to explore the benefits of gift planning and to see how your donation can enhance the lives of our young people.

Planned giving with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley

Different Types of Planned Giving

Planned giving, also called gift planning or legacy giving, is a form of donation that allows philanthropic individuals to make more significant contributions to non-profit organizations, such as ours, than they would be able to do through a regular donation. There are three main options for planned giving.

  • Outright gifts that use appreciated assets as a substitute for cash
  • Gifts in which the donor receives income or other financial benefits in exchange for their contribution
  • Gifts payable upon the donor’s passing

Benefits of Planned Giving

Planned giving gives you, the donor, complete power in the donation. You can specify how you want your gift to be used by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley and direct the funds to benefit our organization best. You can also make an unrestricted donation, which will go into a general fund that can be used for all the Clubs’ needs.

Another benefit of planned giving is avoiding capital gains liability by gifting stock or appreciated securities, allowing you to deduct income tax.

Do you want to make a donation that doesn’t cost you during your lifetime? Consider making a bequest to our non-profit, this is the most flexible way to support us, and these donations are exempt from estate tax. Planned giving gifts promises future funding for the Boys & Girls Clubs. Make an impact on our community’s future leaders!

We Accept Bequests

Bequests Sample Language:

“I give [Choose: ___% of my estate /  the sum of $___ /  the real property described on the deed as ________ /  the personal property described on the deed as ________ /  all the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate /  __% of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate] to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley (Tax ID: 91-2151731) to be used in accordance with the most recent Statement of Intent I have executed with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley. If no Statement of Intent exists at the time of my death, then I intend this gift to support ______________________ [insert name of program/purpose]. If no such program is in existence then to further the purposes and objectives of the Boys & Girls Clubs as recommended by the CEO and approved by the Board of Governors.”

NOTE: The Statement of Intent mentioned above is a short agreement between the donors and the Boys & Girls Clubs, which includes background information provided by the donors and specifics on how the gift will be used. Donors may amend the Statement of Intent as often as they like without the necessity of amending their will or living trust.

If you or your attorney would like Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley to provide you with additional information that is specific to your goal and interest, please contact Dawn Pettersen at (818) 706-0905.

Take The Next Step

With planned giving, you can contribute to the growth and sustainability of our Clubs, enabling us to continue positively impacting young people! For more information about planned giving opportunities, contact Dawn Pettersen at 818-706-0905 ext. 107.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley offers our programs for minimal fees and provides financial aid so that no child is turned away due to inability to pay.

Our supporters, like you, make this possible.