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Rocket into a summer of fun and learning at summer camp with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley! Whether you register your child for Camp Anderson, Camp Morton, or Camp Grossman, each week offers a different theme for kids to explore and discover something new, like messy science, BGC Olympics, Disney, animals, sports, fantasy, time travel, and more! It helps make each week of summer unforgettable and fun!

2024 Summer Camp Activities

Keeping minds and bodies active during the summer helps reduce learning loss and prepares for the upcoming school year. Whether kids are participating in outdoor activities or engaging in experiences indoors, their physical well-being and mental growth are reaching new heights. BGC Conejo Summer Camp offers a variety of programs including:

Two kids looking at homework together during summer camp


Our summer camp activities are designed to be educational and fun. These activities are carefully designed to provide an enjoyable experience and prepare kids for the academic year ahead. During Messy Science Week, kids will learn to embrace their inner scientists and explore chemistry, physics, and biology concepts with hands-on activities.

The Arts

At BGC Conejo, we support our youth in embracing their creativity. We are committed to empowering these young aspiring artists to develop their skills, broaden their artistic horizons, and confidently pursue their artistic dreams.

Student Doing Art During Summer Camp
Students Playing Sports at Summer Camp

Sports and Recreation

Healthy living and active learning are evident in various summer activities like BGC Olympic Week, which offers your child the chance to participate in friendly competitions, earn awards, and learn the importance of good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Healthy Lifestyles

With our Nature theme, we promote healthy lifestyles by immersing our youth in mindfulness practices, environmental awareness, and the overall well-being of connecting with nature. This includes learning about plants and animals and exploring land and sea with nature crafts and outdoor activities. By fostering a deeper connection with the natural world, our campers can experience many benefits contributing to their overall health and wellness.

Students at Summer Camp Learning About Nature and Healthy Lifestyles
Two Students Promoting Positive Values and Leadership

Good Character

Our summer camp activities promote positive values, leadership qualities, and civic responsibility among our youth. We are committed to cultivating a supportive setting that guides our young individuals toward becoming responsible, empathetic, and contributing community members.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Developing the skills to manage and understand social and emotional challenges enhances self-esteem and increases motivation for kids to participate in activities during the summer and school year. Our Club leaders, staff members, and volunteers work to create a sense of belonging for all youth who attend the Clubs.

Two Students Holding Flowers at Summer Camp Learning Social Emotional Learning

To learn more about summer camp at BGC Conejo, explore our Summer Camp Program Guide.

A Fun and Safe Summer Camp For Youth

We have zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior, including abuse and misconduct. The safety policies, programs, and training of our staff and volunteers are designed to provide our youth Club members with a safe, fun environment where they can thrive all year long, from summer camp to school year. The steps we take include:

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Safety Training of Staff and Volunteers

Our summer and school-year programs are led by experienced Club Directors and supported by paid staff and volunteers from the community, all of whom have completed required safety training, criminal background checks, and certifications. With further guidance from the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) curriculum, local Sheriff’s offices, and safety partners, BGC Conejo is 100% safety compliant at all Clubs. These comprehensive policies and partnerships create a safe and supportive environment for our middle school and elementary youth members to learn and grow.

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Policies to Protect Youth

We maintain appropriate staff-to-child ratios, comprehensive safety training, and annual assessments to ensure each youth Club member receives adequate supervision and attention while prohibiting private one-on-one contact. Our safety policies, priorities, and initiatives are designed to protect young people from threats and ensure they feel safe at the Club. These measures include mandating that our staff and volunteers report incidents or safety concerns to local authorities immediately and to BGCA within 24 hours, as well as prohibiting personal relationships between members and staff.

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Health and Hygiene Practices

Creating healthy habits is a core principle of leading a healthy lifestyle. We emphasize regular handwashing, conduct regular sanitation of surfaces and facilities, and maintain a healthy Club environment by continuously monitoring health concerns and taking necessary precautions for our TK to 8th grade Club members.

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Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared can significantly reduce risks when unforeseen circumstances arise. It helps our staff and volunteers be better equipped to handle emergencies and minimize confusion, panic, or chaos. By following emergency protocols and prioritizing the safety and well-being of our developing youth, we foster a culture of safety and awareness at the Clubs and nurture positive mental health benefits for staff and Club members.

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Club Facility Safety

Our facilities are regularly inspected to meet safety standards to help parents, guardians, and children feel comfortable at the Clubs. Club entrances are secured to help prevent unauthorized access and monitor traffic in and out of the Clubs. Once inside the Club, you’ll find age-appropriate equipment to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries, accessible exits, and clear signage to help our staff and volunteers respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies.

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So, what are you waiting for? Explore our summer camp program guide and summer camp information page and help create an unforgettable summer for your child filled with fun, learning, and endless possibilities.

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