Help your child success by enrolling them in a fine art program.

When it comes to children, there’s no doubt that arts are fun for them. From painting to taking photos to sculpting, there are so many ways for kids to get creative. With more and more schools cutting arts from the curriculum, it’s clear that adults don’t see the benefit in these activities. What these people don’t know is that art programs help kids develop on many fundamental levels.

Here’s how art programs help children learn and grow:

Creativity – Art allows kids to express themselves better than math or science ever can. Art offers a hands-on approach to learning, encouraging children to create a painting of a memory or sculpting a figure out of clay. Whatever the activity, there is so much to learn about being creative. This skill can even help children to think outside of the box in their future careers.

Improved academic performance – The skills children learn in art spill over into academic achievement. Reports found that children who regularly participate in the arts are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement.

Motor skills – Simple things like holding a paintbrush or using a camera are an important element to developing a child’s fine motor skills. Art encourages children to become more familiar with tools and objects that they may need to use later on in life.

Decision making – Practicing art practices problem solving and critical thinking skills. What should my focus be for this photograph? How can I express my feeling through paint? Learning how to make choices and decisions carry over into education and other parts of life!

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley, we offer several different fine art programs that allow your child to develop and perfect these skills among so many others! We offer programs ranging from 3-D Sculpture Class, Photography, Mural Art, Drum Circle, DIY Crafts, and many others! Find the right program for your child – Contact us today to get started.