The Power of Community: How the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley Support Working Parents

At The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley, we understand that juggling work and being a parent can be overwhelming. The demands of a career and the desire to provide a nurturing and safe environment for your children can often leave you feeling stretched thin. Additionally, securing dependable and affordable childcare can be a persistent source of stress. However, at BGC Conejo, we are stepping in to help working parents thrive.

We have designed our programs and services to assist in navigating these challenges. We’re committed to boosting your child’s academic progress and overall well-being through our engaging and educational support. As working parents, you can rest assured knowing your child is in good hands. With a mission to provide an environment for the youths in our community, we are leveraging the power of community support.

Our Role in Supporting Parents

At BGC Conejo, we have become a lifeline for working parents in the community. By offering flexible after-school programs, parents can rest assured that their children are in a safe and nurturing environment while they focus on their careers. These programs provide supervision and offer a wide range of activities that cater to the diverse interests of every child.

We understand that each child is unique, and our programs reflect this. From arts and crafts to sports and STEM activities, our youths can explore their passions and develop new skills. BGC Conejo also provides academic support, helping them with homework and tutoring services. By offering a well-rounded experience, we aim to support their involvement, enabling them to flourish academically and personally.

Arts and Crafts
Sports and Fitness

Programs Designed to Support Parents

Character & Leadership Development: We offer programs to help kids develop character and leadership skills. We aim to create an environment where our members can form meaningful relationships, cultivate a positive self-image, and engage in the democratic process while respecting their cultural identities. This initiative aims to empower young individuals to become strong leaders with a sense of integrity and good character.


Education and Career Development: These programs empower young individuals to master fundamental educational subjects, apply their knowledge in real-life scenarios, and embrace technology. Our diverse programs span various interests, from robotics to culinary science. Our tutoring options include general tutoring and specialized programs such as DIY Stem, a hands-on, activity-based curriculum.

Health and Life Skills

Health and Life Skills: In these programs, we allow members to actively engage in positive behaviors that foster their well-being, establish personal goals, and acquire the skills needed for a successful life. It includes creative cooking, gardening club, and sewing, allowing young individuals to develop practical life skills.

Sports, Fitness, and Recreation

Sports, Fitness, and Recreation: This initiative is designed to instill healthy habits, foster strong social skills, and promote a positive approach to teamwork. These programs encourage fitness, responsible use of leisure time, stress management skills, environmental appreciation, and social and interpersonal competence. Our diverse range of activities include basketball, kickboxing, board game club, and yoga, to name a few, for our members to engage in physical activity and develop essential life skills.

The Arts

The Arts: Our arts program aims to support the development of young individuals’ ability to embrace constructive behaviors that promote their well-being, establish personal aspirations, foster a strong self-identity, and create a sense of belonging. Through card making, drama club, photography, and more, our members can tap into their creativity and explore their artistic inclinations.

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The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley are a shining example of the power of community in action. By providing a safe and nurturing environment for children, offering flexible after-school programs, and fostering growth and character development, we are transforming the lives of working parents and their children. The impact of our work extends beyond the individual families we serve, contributing to the overall well-being of the Greater Conejo Valley community. By harnessing the collective power of a supportive community, we are creating an environment where dedicated working parents can excel, and children are empowered to realize their potential.