This month, go above and beyond to help those with autism.

Around one in 68 children in the United States have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), affecting lives of children, parents, and families alike. While the disorder can affect anyone from a newborn to an adult, childhood can be a crucial time for an autistic child to overcome problems and allow talents to develop!

April is dedicated to raising awareness of symptoms, treatments, and causes of autism, as well as encouraging everyone to help those who suffer from the disorder. In light of Autism Awareness month, here are some tips that you can use to help someone with autism:

  • Go for the extraordinary – Never define the child by his or her problems. Also, don’t aim to make them ‘normal’. Highlight their strengths, combat their challenges with them, and support their weak spots.
  • Repair and support cells and cycles – Everything that we do relies on our cells. Problems can create slowdowns, so be sure to build up the solid foundation for your child’s whole body and brain.
  • Be consistent – A routine and consistency can help to reinforce leaning. Find out what your child’s therapists are doing and continue their techniques at home. Keep to regular times for meals, therapy, and school, and keep disruptions to a minimum.
  • Reward good behavior – Positive reinforcement can go a long way with children with autism. Praise them when they act appropriately, learn a new skill, and make progress.
  • Create a home safety zone – Carve out a private space in your home where your child can relax, feel secure, and be safe. Safety proof the house to be on the safe side.
  • Make time for fun – A child coping with autism is still a kid! There needs to be more to like than therapy, and playtime is an essential part of childhood development! Boys & Girls Club can help to encourage active play, development, all in the right process for your child.

Contact the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Greater Conejo Valley to find out what program best suits your child. Join in the fun and benefit your child during Autism Awareness month!