Does your child have the back to school essential items in their backpack?

The school year is creeping up on us, and parents are beginning to prep for the new term. The summer has flown by and now it’s time to start getting the children back into the routine of going to sleep and waking up on time. Before your child heads to class, make sure that they have all the back to school essentials in their backpack.

A sturdy backpack. Buy your child a reliable backpack (in their favorite color) with wide straps so that the weight does not gripe at their neck, shoulders, and back. The backpack should have enough pockets so that your child has enough room to store all their essentials.

Stationery. Supply your child with a couple (emphasis on only a couple) of pens, highlighters, and pencils. If they are taking a math or technical class, buy the right calculator, compass, rulers, and extras.

A reusable water bottle. Instead of giving your child endless supplies of plastic water bottles, equip them with a reusable bottle. They can keep it in their locker and fill it up at the fountain so that they’re always hydrated.

Contact details. Give your child your contact details to keep in their backpack in case the school or staff needs to call you immediately. Along with this, make sure that your child has the right front door keys, bike keys, and locker key.

A nutritious lunch. Serving your child the right food for lunch means the difference between a sleepy student and a participating member of the class. Make sure that your child is getting enough greens, grains, and protein for their packed lunch.

At summer camp, we understand the importance of getting prepared for the back to school season. If you want to get your children involved with a great camp that is ideal for them, contact Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley. We have many programs that encourage outdoor activities, personal development, and fun!