Clubs With Purpose

Clubs with Purpose

Did you know that 15 million children are left unsupervised each afternoon across the nation? We get it, parents have to work to support their families. That’s why Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley actively works to create a positive space for the children in our community while supporting working parents and guardians. Not only are children in after-school programs more likely to stay in school, but they are also more likely to hand in their work and get better grades. (Washington Post)

Our clubs provide a safe place to play, laugh, discover, and learn for youth in grades K-8.  We offer programs before and after school and during winter and spring break to provide an engaging environment for kids while school is out. Our clubs foster a sense of belonging, responsibility, civility, and civic engagement while offering entertaining and enriching activities for our youth. We work to help our kids build new skills so they can succeed and receive recognition for personal accomplishments. A recent survey of our club members shows that our programs make a positive impact on their interests and decision-making:

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Clubs and Programs at Boys and Girls Club

of members say they are eager to learn more about science, computers, and technology

of members say they want to help when they see someone having a problem

of members who attend regularly say they can stand up for what is right, even if their friends disagree

of our teen members volunteer in their communities at least once a year

of alumni said their club had a positive image on their attitude towards fitness and health

A Community That Cares

Caring, trained, and engaging staff and volunteers work with our members in supervised, safe, and structured environments. Our club programs, offered before and after school, during lunch periods, and during winter and spring break are run by a system of dedicated and talented Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley staff and volunteers.

Our staff and volunteer network includes:

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part time youth and development staff

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full time professional staff

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youth volunteers (17 and under)

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adult volunteers

Choosing Their Passion

We have a total of 9 clubs in the Conejo Valley and Las Virgenes Unified School Districts. For summer, four of our clubs are open from 8:00am-5:00pm.

Once our members join a club program, they have access to a variety of enrichment activities that appeal to all kinds of interests and needs! Our program members can attend programs in the follow key focus areas:

Clubs and Programs at Boys and Girls Club
Clubs and Programs at Boys and Girls Club
Character and Leadership Development at Boys and Girls Club

Character & Leadership Development

We have a number of programs to help our kids build character and develop their leadership skills. We aim to foster an environment that allows our members to sustain meaningful relationships with others, develop positive self-image, and participate in the democratic process while respecting their own and others’ cultural identities. Our Torch Club, for example, is a small-group, leadership development program that targets building future leaders. Members elect officers and plan and implement their own activities and community service projects!


Education and Career Development at Boys and Girls Club

Education and Career Development

Our Education and Career Development programs enable youth to become proficient in basic educational disciplines, apply learning to everyday situations, and embrace technology. Our programs span a wide range of interests from robotics to culinary science. These programs also include a series of tutoring opportunities including general tutoring and more specific programs like DIY Stem, a hands-on, activity-based STEM curriculum that connects youth to science themes they encounter regularly.

Healthy Lifestyle programs at Boys and Girls Clubs

Health and Life Skills

Health & Life Skills programs offer our members the chance to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty! These programs develop young peoples’ capacity to engage in positive behaviors that nurture their own well-being, set personal goals, and develop the competencies to live successfully. Program offerings include Creative Cooking, Gardening Club, and Sewing. SMART Girls and Passport to Manhood give young girls and boys an opportunity to encourage healthy attitudes and lifestyles that will enable them to develop to their fullest potential!

Sports Programs and Clubs with Boys and Girls Club

Sports, Fitness, and Recreation

Our Sports, Fitness, and Recreation programs aim to build healthy habits, strong social skills, and a positive attitude toward team work. These programs develop fitness, positive use of leisure time, skills for stress management, appreciation for the environment, and social and interpersonal skills. Our programs span a wide variety to activities including basketball, kickboxing, board game club, flag football, dungeons & dragons, and yoga!

Arts Programs and Clubs with Boys and Girls Club

The Arts

Our Arts programs help young people develop their capacity to engage in positive behaviors that nurture their own well-being, set personal goals, build a strong sense of self, and cultivate an environment of belonging. Our kids get to explore their creative nature through programs like card making, improvisation, drama club, movie making, photography, and musical theater!

Overview of Programs and Clubs at Boys and Girls Club

Financial Aid 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley is dedicated to providing programs that are available to all children in our community. Through generous donations, our dedicated staff, and our amazing volunteers, we are able to offer financial aid to all children who qualify. Discounts are available for children of Military families.