Banish your holiday blues and beat the winter stress.

The shopping, the crowds, hosting the in-laws. Holidays are never an easy time of year, but they don’t have to be stressful. We understand how easy it is not to feel so wonderful at this most wonderful time of year. People tend to experience heightened emotions during the holidays. You may feel overwhelmed with loneliness, become annoyed by meddling relatives, or lose patience with your loved ones.

Instead of having a stressful holiday, check out these ways to keep your memories bright and merry!

Take a Break

Quiet down your mind before you begin your day and/or take quick relaxation breaks of 1 to 5 minutes to calm yourself down. Conscious, slow breathing can help you when you’re feeling frustrated waiting in line to check out.

Get Moving

Even with a very busy schedule, be sure to make time for yourself, this includes staying to your exercise regimen. Research shows that physical activity boosts your energy levels, as well lifting your mood. In addition, exercise reduces anger, relieves tension, and alleviates fatigue. What’s more, you’ll get those much-needed feel-good neurotransmitters that will help you throughout the holiday season!

Eat Clean

Inevitably, at this time of year, you’ll be tempted with sugary treats just about everywhere you go. But to be your most energetic, focused, and happy self, it’s best to eat mostly fruit, vegetables, beans, nuts, and healthy oils. If you’re heading out to a party in the evening, eat a wholesome meal beforehand so that you’re not reaching for snacks and calorie-empty foods.

Be Grateful

The best way to get through the holiday season without suffering from stress is to remain thankful for your friends and family around you. Count your blessings when you’re feeling low or stressed – you’ll be in a better mood before you know!

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