Every parent wants to preserve their children’s childhood. Here’s how.

If you’re like one of the millions of Americans that have boxes of photos stacked away, they’re likely to be one of your most valuable possessions. While the tech era is booming, photo albums in the basement are still extremely precious. With the future in mind, many parents intend to give the stacks of memories to their children, whether it’s through digital preservation or quality storage of physical photographs.

To protect your family’s photos, use these tips!

Make a List

A personal archive might consist of a single thumb drive or an entire cabinet full of auto-visual equipment. Start your process with a list of items intended for preservation, including the location and type of content.

Organize Your Files

Transfer or download files from DVDs, smartphones, and social media sites into one common location on your computer. Then, put all of your beloved pictures on a thumb drive or external hard drive, with a label or package reflecting the content!

Use an Appropriate Storage Format

While thumb drives are practical for passing a few files along to relatives, external hard drives typically contain more storage space. Avoid storing files on CDs, DVDs, and other formats that may rely on a format that will soon be obsolete.

Scan Photos

If you have physical photos that you want to keep, scan them into your computer. You may want to purchase a good scanner for a high-quality copy of your photos.

Keep Your Files in Separate Locations

For extra security, you may want to make at least two copies of each item and store them in different locations. Once your digital archive is completed, regular upkeep can help ensure that it’s to use.

Finally, keep the originals! You may find out that they turn out to last longer than the digital copies if you take care of them.

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