Celebrate the season with these easy projects that kids will love to make.

There’s nothing quite like children during the holidays. They’re excited, they love to decorate, and they are sure to put you into the festive spirit! If you’re decking the halls, be sure to include your kid in the fun! You can even get started on these creative holiday crafts that are fun and easy to make!

Dino-Mite Dinosaurs

It’s incredibly easy to turn plastic toys into sparkling jewels for the tree or garland. Twist a ¼ inch screw eye into a small plastic dinosaur (parents, take the lead on this part). Next, brush the dino with tacky glue and then sprinkle with fine glitter to cover. Let it sit on waxed paper to dry. You can then add string to hang it up!

Pom-Pom Ball

Create a plush, 3D mosaic with colorful pom-poms to decorate the home! Start by inserting a straight pin into a small pom pom, then press the pin into a 2-inch Styrofoam ball. Repeat this process until the ball is covered. Pin a loop of ribbon to the ball for hanging. Get creative with green and red, or white and blue, or purple and grey!

Nutty Nature Buddies

Go outside and gather up small pinecones and acorns. Glue one onto a wooden bead with tacky glue. Once dry, glue an acorn hat on to the top of the head. Add a velvet ribbon scarf and secure it with glue. You can then use a fine-point marker pen to add eyes and a month and then tie on a length of string for hanging.


What could be easier than making paper snowflakes with children? Simply fold a sheet of paper three or four times (depending on how large you want the snowflakes to be), and cut out the shape of a snowflake, ensuring to leave the folded side of the paper intact. Then, unveil your creation! To make this more festive, repeat the process but on a sheet of tin foil – the snowflakes will truly be shining!

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley, we offer several different art programs that allow your child to develop creative skills! Find the right program for your child – Contact us today to get started.