Make your weekday mornings less hectic by streamlining the process.

It’s not uncommon for each family to rush out of the door every morning. Even though you got up on time, sometimes there can be more things to remember in the morning than we thought – leaving you and your children feeling rushed and stressed for the rest of the day. If your child struggles to get out of the door on time every day, check out these few tips that will help.

Gather the essentials.

Make a space by the door that houses your child’s backpack, shoes, and coat. Make it routine for the child to leave these items as soon as they come in from school so that they can easily pick them up in the morning. This space will help to ensure that your child isn’t rushing around in the morning looking for these important items.

Get smart about lunch.

When you’re already in the kitchen, either making your supper in the evening or your breakfast in the morning, make your child lunch and pack it up. Not only does this help you to remember to do it with plenty of time, but it means that you’re already in the kitchen so you can multitask and save time!

Get ready for the week ahead.

Look at your child’s calendar with your kid before the week commences. Now is the time to get everything ready so that you aren’t rushed in the mornings. If your child has soccer practice on Wednesday, find and clean their sports kit and find their soccer boots now. Go through each day of the week and choose an outfit with them so that they don’t need to spend time in the morning deciding what to wear.

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