Simple New Year’s Resolutions for Families

A new year presents a time for a fresh start. While many of us know that resolutions fall by the wayside come February 1st (or sooner!), a great way to keep your goals for the year are to make some as a family. Making resolutions as a group can help all of you get more active and spend quality time together. To help you decide what you should be aiming for this new year, check out these easy resolutions to make as a family.

Eat Meals Together

Eating family dinners together has been linked to a lower incidence of teen smoking, drinking, and drug use. Research also shows that kids who eat with their family get better grades! Sitting down together for dinner and eating meals at home cost less than eating out, too! Cooking your own meals puts you in charge of what you are your family are eating so that you can limit salt, oil, and processed food use. At least four nights a week, aim to sit down with your family together.

Eat More Vegetables

What we eat plays a major role in our health. While your 9-year-old may hate the thought of eating anything green, vegetables are important. You can liven it up by making it a game – award points to your child for every vegetable serving they eat. At the end of the month, they can use those points to play for an hour more on a video game, earn $5 pocket money or take a trip to the toy store!

Unplug More Often

Set limitations for watching television, texting on the phone, and playing video games. Make it a strict rule in your household that there will be no phones at the dinner table. Better yet, designate one day a week as an ‘unplugged’ day. On this day, turn off computers, TVs, smartphones, and all other electronics and get back to basics. Your family can spend more time outside, drawing, gardening, and playing games!

Exercise Together

This doesn’t mean you have to drag the kids to the gym to knock out 30 minutes on the treadmill. The key is to make it fun! Depending on your child’s age, you can sign up for a yoga class or make an effort to walk together every day after school.

Help the Environment

Take steps to become more eco-friendly as a family! Get your children involved in recycling, teach them to turn off the water while they brush their teeth, and make sure they know to turn lights off when they leave a room. Walk or ride bikes if possible to save on gas and carbon dioxide emissions.

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