Keep your kids busy with these STEM projects.

Keep your kids busy with STEM projects.

Send your child to our STEM Summer School where they will explore the world of dinosaurs, weather, and space. Don’t stop learning just because its summer. Join the Boys & Girls Club for a three week course that integrates science with mathematics and language arts. Curriculum is standard-based and taught by qualified teachers.

Weeks: June 25-July 13.

Campers: Entering 1-6th Grade

Hours: 9:00am-12:00pm

Fee: $425

Located: Notter Boys &Girls Club

233 W. Gainsborough Rd., Thousand Oaks

If your kids are already making rumblings of being bored during the summer break, then it’s time to get creative! Simple STEM challenges can get their brain working and keep them learning throughout the summer and any downtime during vacation. Check out these easy projects to try as well as how to keep your child entertained throughout summer.

Build a Marble Run/Maze

Building a marble run is full of design possibilities and really encourages those engineering skills. You can build it on the wall with cardboard tubes and tape, with LEGO bricks on a baseplate, or in a box top with tape, craft sticks, or straws.

Craft Harry a Perch

Get a pompom and put some googly eyes on it; you have your Harry! He really needs your help; he would love to see around the room, but he’s too short! Your job is to build a perch for him so he can have a better view! Your only supplies are pipe cleaners, one foot of tape, two muffin liners, a large piece of aluminum foil, and two index cards. Give it a shot and see just how high Harry can go!

Build a Bird’s Nest

Go on a nature walk to collect debris such as leaves, twigs, and grass. See if your children can build a bird’s nest with limited resources!

Grow a Plant

There’s a certain joy of seeing something grow from a tiny seed into a blooming plant. Let your child choose their own seed to plant. While planting, explain about different types of seeds, their sizes, whether they are of vegetables or flowers. Now is a great time to introduce the germination process and how to take care of plants.

Engineer at Home

There are numerous activities that can be planned to combine STEM learning with summer fun. For example, children can use old cardboards to make a roller coaster or racing tracks for their car. This would require them to do measurements, decide the height and length of the track, working of the track etc. not only would they be busy creatively, they would be thinking analytically.

Luckily, at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley can help! Our camps are designed to make children think, have fun, and get active. Whether you spend all nine weeks of summer with us or just a couple, we invite you to check out the full range of our summer camps that are jam-packed with terrific learning opportunities and exciting activities. Visit us here to begin!