Strategies for a successful summer break.

While your average child may be thrilled by the end of the school year, anticipating lazy days and sleeping in, summer break doesn’t necessarily do wonders for their learning skills. Keeping your child’s brain active throughout the summer break can help them to retain valuable information that they’ve learned throughout the school year, translating to better grades and enjoyment of school. To help prevent the summer slide, check out these tips.

Get Cooking

With step-by-step recipes, not only do kids get the chance to practice their reading skills, but they work on following instructions and are encourages to be creative when it comes to decorating. Through working with measurements, scales, and quantities, cooking is an easy way to get your child thinking (and you get a delicious dish at the end of it!).


It may sound obvious, but if no time is put aside for reading, then it can easily fall by the wayside. Head to your local library and ask your child to pick out a couple of interesting books. Encourage him or her to read every day or ask them to read to you while you run errands.

Keep a Diary

Give your kids a plain notebook and art supplies for them to decorate and write in their own diary. Encourage them to keep a diary of their summer and activities, writing down what they liked the most and their emotions, too. This will get them working on their handwriting, reading, and writing.

Get Outdoors

It’s the summer, so make the most of the beautiful weather and head outside. Whether you ride bikes, hike trails, or go to the beach, there are plenty of fun ways to spend time in nature. For extra fun, set up a scavenger hunt for your child with a list of wildlife, flowers, and trees to spot along the way.

Sign Them Up for STEM Summer School

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