January is International Creativity Month. Here’s how to spark creation in your child.

Many parents assume that creativity is an inborn talent that their kids either have or don’t. While not all children are equally creative, creativity is more of a skill than a talent, and it’s one that parents can help their kids to develop. Being creative is the key to success in almost everything we do. Sparking your child’s desire to be inventive helps to develop their character and talents.

Believe it or not, creativity is not limited to artistic and musical expression, it’s also essential for science, maths, and even social and emotional intelligence. During International Creativity Month, find out how you can foster creativity in your kids!

Provide the resources they need. The key resource here is time. Kids need a lot of time for unstructured, child-directed, imaginative play. Secondly, they need space to be creative. This means that they may need a place for painting, playing dress-up, or for building Legos.

Encourage and support. It may be hard to do as a parent, but stepping back to allow your child to generate new ideas is essential. Allow them to brainstorm new creations, don’t point out which ideas aren’t possible, and don’t decide which ones are best. The focus should be on generating and evaluating ideas. When a child makes a mistake, teach them that it’s okay.

Switch off. In the day of TV’s and digital devices everywhere, it’s important to switch off sometimes. Encourage children to read, draw, act, sing, or play an instrument instead of watching the TV or playing games on a tablet. Be sure to schedule in time that is not spent in front of a screen.

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