Keep your family free from colds and the flu through the winter season.

Colds and winter bugs run rife throughout the winter. While getting a cold can be unavoidable during the peak of cold and flu season, there are easy steps your family can take to prevent feeling ill during winter.

Check out these five ways to keep your family’s health in shape!

Keep a handle on your hygiene

Maintaining a good level of hygiene is the best way to defend yourself against germs. Encourage your family to wash their hands frequently, and use wipes and anti-bacterial hand gel when you’re on the go.

Wrap up

The winter brings cooler temperatures, so now is the time to bundle up. Instead of wearing just one thick jumper, try layering for insulation. Not only will this keep your family warm, but it’ll save on heating costs, too.

Eat healthily

Boost your family’s immune system by rustling up lots of healthy and nutritious meals. You’ll need extra carbs to stay warm, but don’t automatically pick up fries and chips. Serve up wholegrain carbs and potatoes instead. Eat good sources of fat, such as avocados, nuts, and seeds. Don’t forget to load up on lots of fruit and vegetables, too!

Get plenty of sleep

Make sure that your loved ones are getting enough sleep every night. Lack of sleep can quickly lead to a low immune system and catching colds quicker. While the mornings are darker, make it a great excuse for getting an extra hour of sleep.


It may sound miserable drinking cold water when it’s cold outside, but drinking plenty of water every day is important. Drink fruit teas and hot drinks to warm up, and ensure that your children have plenty of water throughout the day!

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