Gather your family around the table and indulge in some fun Thanksgiving facts!

Thanksgiving day is just around the corner, and while you may have the vegetables ready for roasting and the cranberries all set, does your family know the importance of the holiday? We often get so caught up in the festivities that we forget what this day is supposed to represent. While you gather the family around the table this Thanksgiving, enlighten them with some fun Thanksgiving facts that even your children will appreciate!

  • The first Thanksgiving in the United States was held at Plymouth in 1621. The feast was prompted by a good harvest and was celebrated by the pilgrims and puritans.
  • It wasn’t until the 1660s that the harvest feast became an annual affair.
  • Each year, the President pardons a turkey. This lucky turkey is guaranteed to spend the rest of its life living freely, never ending up on your table.
  • When the pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower, the Wampanoag Indians taught them how to cultivate their land. These Indians were then invited to the first Thanksgiving in 1621. This celebration lasted for three days!
  • In 1863, Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November to be the national day for Thanksgivings.
  • The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade began in the 1920s and is still held today.
  • Even if the turkeys wanted to escape before Thanksgiving, they couldn’t fly. Commercially raised turkeys aren’t able to fly. More and more families are turning towards turkey-alternatives for their Thanksgiving table. Tofurkey, anyone?
  • The first Thanksgiving feast consisted of chestnuts, onions, leeks, dried fruit, cabbage, carrots, honey, and more. There were no mashed potatoes, pumpkin pies, or turkey!

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