Personal development doesn’t have to stop when the bell rings at 3 p.m.

Every parent knows how important school is for their child’s growth. While school is necessary, your child can continue learning and growing outside of this environment. After-school programs are designed to motivate children to learn, all the while having fun. From personal development to social skills and intellect, after-school programs can be a great way to improve your child’s development.

Check out the benefits that an after-school program can have on your child’s future!

Increases Academic Effort

After-school programs offer the opportunity for kids to not only work on their homework but to get help if they need it. Your child may feel more comfortable working on school assignments in a slightly less formal environment where they can ask questions at any time. Through help and multiple different programs, kids can finally get excited about learning. This can lead to better efforts in school courses and a lower chance of them wanting to skip school.

Fewer Emotional and Behavioral Issues

Your kid can benefit from after-school programs both emotionally and behaviorally if they feel a positive connection to other people. With more relationships and a more relaxed social setting than school, your child will learn lessons like open-mindedness and how to be respectful of others. Along with good character traits, your child can make new friends and progress their social development skills.

Promotes Better Health

At the end of the school day, it’s far better for a child to burn off extra energy through physical activity than sit in front of a T.V. all evening. At Boys & Girls Club, there are a variety of sports programs that promote exercise through fun play! Not only that, but staff members can also educate your child on proper nutrition, something that they can use for the rest of their lives!

What are you waiting for? Sign your child up for an after-school program so that they can start reaping the benefits! Contact Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley; we have many programs that encourage outdoor activities, personal development, and fun!