Here’s how to make the a.m. routine less hectic.

With the kids back in school, plenty of parents are back into the routine of rushing in the morning. Are you one of those parents that feel as if they’ve run a marathon by the time you sit down at your desk at 9 a.m.? You’re not alone, especially if you have kids to get ready for school every morning.

Weekday mornings can become the most stressful time of day for families as everyone is in a rush to get going. The good news is that you can implement these tips to de-stress your morning routine – and get out of the door on time!

Get ready the night before. You may not think so, but you can get ready for school the night before. Instead of throwing some granola bars into a bag at 7:45 a.m., prepare the family’s lunches the night before. Additionally, you can pack backpacks, and lay out the next day’s outfit in the evening so that the morning is that much less hectic.

Eliminate rude awakenings. Although your loud alarm is a sure way to wake you up on time, it may be putting you in a bad mood. Annoying alarms encourage you to wake up stressed and, well, annoyed. In turn, you’re more likely to snap at your family or get frustrated. Instead, switch your alarm to a gentle tone to wake up to. It makes a bigger difference than you think!

Keep it simple. Establish a routine for your children so that they know what they should be doing when they wake up every morning. Before long, they will have it down. Keep it straightforward, for example: wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, brush hair, get the backpack on, hug mom and dad, ride to school with dad.

While you get your child ready for the mornings, ensure that they have all of their backpack essentials for school learning!

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