Are your kids reluctant to wear bicycle helmets? Check out these tips!

Bicycling is an excellent way to get your kids active, enjoy the summer, and learn the neighborhood streets. Cycling as a family can be a fun experience, but some valuable safety tips should not be forgotten!

An estimated 33 million children ride bicycles in the U.S. each year, while bike accidents account for 150,000 emergency room visits for children, and cause 400 child deaths each year. Helmets have been proven to reduce bicycle-related head injuries by as much as about 80 percent. The sad reality is that only 50 percent of children wear helmets most of the time.

What’s important about helmets?

Buy and wear a helmet that is specifically made for bicycling. These are designed to ensure proper padding for falls likely to happen head first. These three easy-to-remember steps ensure a good fit:

  • Eyes – The helmet should sit level on top of the head. There should only be two fingers width between the upper part of the eyes and the helmet.
  • Ears – The straps should lie flat against the head and form a “Y” underneath the ear.
  • Mouth – When the straps are buckled, the child should be able to open and close their mouth comfortable. However, the straps should fit snug.

How do you get your kids to wear helmets?

  • Start early. As soon as they ride tricycles, strap on a helmet. After time, this will develop into a habit.
  • Set a good example by wearing a helmet yourself.
  • Explain why helmets are necessary.
  • Set rules! No helmet, no riding the bike. Be consistent about requiring them to wear the helmet each and every time they get on the bike.

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