Be a mindful parent by protection your child’s current and future health.

Childhood obesity is a common problem across the U.S., with no single cause. Even without realizing it, plenty of parents unknowingly affect their child by making them susceptible to this all-to-frequent problem.

To help prevent obesity and create healthy eating habits, start simply and get the whole family involved! Check out these tips to get you started on setting your child up for success.

Fuel up at breakfast. Breakfast provides needed fuel to maintain blood sugar levels, primes muscles for the day’s work and sends needed nutrients to all cells of the body for growth. Eating breakfast also helps to prevent your child’s hunger as the morning wears on, potentially curbing overeating later on in the day. Check out what a good breakfast for children looks like!

Stay at home. Get the whole family cooking! Not only will it teach your child about how to prepare foods properly, but you’re able to control portion sizes, calories, and the amount of salt in your own food, rather than in restaurants. Eating out encourages you to wolf down your meal without taking the time to enjoy family time and appreciate your food.

Reduce portion sizes. It’s not necessary to fill up every plate. Large plates and big cups encourage us to eat and drink more, so consider scaling back on the sizes for everyone in the family. As well as cutting back, be sure that you’re eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain products.

Fortunately, healthy eating habits are thoroughly reinforced at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley. Our organization and staff members understand the importance of maintaining a balanced diet for top cognitive function and development!

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