Fun ways to celebrate spring with craft projects.

Spring is the best season for DIY projects! The weather is always ripe for getting outdoors to collect flowers and make something special. Spring is the perfect opportunity to get your kids crafting their own creations. Not only does this pass the time but it helps to get your kids’ creative juices flowing. Check out a few ideas below.

Cork Succulents

Gather all the corks that you have lying around the house. Simply hollow out the cork, glue a magnet to the back, place a pinch of soil in the hollowed-out cork, and fit a succulent inside. That’s all it takes!

Painted Mugs

Decorate your dollar store mugs with some Sharpies. When you’re happy with the design, simply bake the mugs in the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.

Bird Feeder

Bring the birds into the garden! Spread the toilet paper roll in peanut butter then roll it in seeds so that the seeds stick to the roll. Slide the roll onto a branch for the birds to enjoy.

Get in the Garden

Whether you choose to plant herbs or flowers, get in the garden! Start simple by planting spring plants so that you can watch your creation grow over time.

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