Support your child’s health and brain power with these nutritious after school snacks!

If your child comes home from school hungry – as most children do – a snack before supper can keep them from mindlessly eating all night long! Emphasis is on the snack. Child obesity is an issue across the nation, so a small, healthy bite to eat can serve your child well.

An issue many parents face is confusing “treats” with “snacks”. Foods that are high in sugar and fat (candy, cookies) should be avoided at all costs!

Check out some healthy options that you can prepare your child for an after-school/before-supper bite.

  • Frozen bananas. Cut a banana in half and put each half on a Popsicle stick. Roll the halves in yogurt and then coat with a crispy rice cereal or granola, then freeze!
  • Make yogurt parfaits by layering fruit and low-fat yogurt in a parfait glass.
  • Trail mix. This should include dried fruit, nuts, and seeds – no M&Ms!
  • Fruit kabob. Spear strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and slices of banana to make a fun fruit stick!
  • Peanut butter dip. Provide peanut butter along with pretzels, carrots, and celery. Or you can arrange pita chips, baby carrots, and apple slices on a place.
  • Homemade granola bar. Mix oats, dried fruit, almond milk, and bake to create a delicious energy bar!
  • Whole fruit. What is easier than cutting up an apple, banana, pear, or orange for your child?

Fortunately, keeping your child healthier through the school months has never been easier! Chuck out the chips, sugary drinks, and chocolate today for the best brainpower and energy boost in your and your family!

Healthy eating habits are thoroughly reinforced at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley. Our organization and staff members understand the importance of maintaining a balanced diet for top cognitive function and development! Call us today to learn more about our programs suitable for your child!