Set your child up for success by aiding good dental habits!

Teeth are with us our whole lives, so it’s important to take care of them. Strong and healthy teeth start with good nutrition and consistent oral habits. Fortunately, as a parent, you can build up your child’s dental foundation by developing routines and help prevent tooth decay and other oral problems.

Keep your child’s oral health in check with these tips:

  • Start proper oral hygiene – Gently clean your infant’s gums and newly erupting teeth.
  • Brush with care – Start your child out with a small toothbrush and a no more than a pea-sized dollop of toothpaste.
  • Teach wisely – From around age two onwards, teach your child proper brushing techniques (brushing in circles, not straight across) and from age 6, he/she should be developing the nature to do it alone.
  • Twice daily – Encourage your child to brush their teeth upon waking and before they go to bed at night.
  • Check your water – Determine if your water supply in your home is fluoridated. If not, discuss supplement options with your dentist.
  • Avoid sugar – For overall health and oral hygiene, reduce your child’s intake of sugar. Sugar takes saliva a minimum of 30 minutes to neutralize the acidity that is created by decay-producing bacteria. This can increase the chances of tooth decay.
  • Make a dental appointment – Your child should see a dentist around the time of his/her first birthday and then regularly thereafter. Your pediatric or general dentist will teach you how to prevent dental disease, check for cavities in the primary teeth, and notice any developmental problems. This sets a positive precedent for future visits.
  • Avoid unnecessary damages – Teach your children to never use their teeth to open plastic packets or undo knots. This can damage and break the teeth.

With the use of these tips, you can set your child up for success by reinforcing healthy dental habits!

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