Heading out on summer vacation? Use these tips for a smooth journey. 

Summer is the perfect time for a family vacation, but sometimes traveling with little ones can be more exhausting than relaxing. Whether you’re jet-setting abroad, heading to the beach, or road-tripping it, check out these tips to keep your kids happy, healthy, and well-behaved on the journey.

Do your research. It pays to plan ahead when traveling with kids. Do your research on the accommodation, the area, and what’s provided. Find out if you need to bring child-friendly essentials to the hotel, where the nearest playground and supermarket are located, and if a walk along the beach is doable with young kids. Being prepared ahead of time can save you stress in the long run.

Leave early. Whether you’re heading out in the car or catching a flight, aim to leave earlier than you planned. You never know when traffic will build up and going through security at the airport can take longer with kids. Even leaving 10-15 minutes early can ensure you don’t stress to get to your destination on time.

Take snacks. Traveling with a hungry child is not always a pleasant task. Instead of opting for fast food at the airport or at a gas station, pack your own healthy snacks. Take cereal bars, dried fruit, nuts, and plenty of water so that your child feels satisfied and full. Getting ill will only add more stress to a journey.

Provide entertainment. Ensure that you have plenty of things to do to keep your child occupied for the duration of the trip. Whether it’s a pack of cards, coloring in books, audiobooks or otherwise, take a variety of things that your child will enjoy.

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