Passport? Check. Boarding pass? Check. Squabbling children?

Whether you are jet-setting across the nation to explore the East Coast or opting for a foreign holiday, traveling with children are one of the (many) challenges that parents have to face. Travel may be one of the greatest gifts that you give your growing children, so it’s important to carry some extra caution when packing and traveling.

With a little preparation, the traveling experience need not be stressful! Put these tips into practice for your summer holiday:

  • Visit a doctor to get the necessary vaccines.
    The all-important first step is making sure that your children are cleared for travel by their doctor. Before traveling, children should be up to date on routine vaccinations as well as required vaccines for the countries that they’re visiting.
  • Travel light.
    You don’t want to have to carry your two carry-on bags as well as your large suitcase, and your children’s luggage when they are too tired to carry their own. Keep it simple, keep it light! Pack only what you need.
  • Have healthy snacks on hand.
    Your children will undoubtedly get hungry and cranky before you know it. Carry dried fruit and granola bars that are airplane friendly and will fill up your child instantly.
  • Always carry plastic bags.
    It’s time to see if your child gets travel sick. You don’t want to put that to the test without a few plastic bags on hand.
  • Travel carefully.
    In this, we mean always work to minimize the risk of harm while traveling, as injuries are the most common cause of preventable deaths among travelers. Always teach your child to wear a seatbelt and stay close at all times.
  • Bring activities.  Avoid your children arguing or getting restless by giving them fun activities to complete. From word games, cards, to puzzles, bring more than your fair share!
  • Be prepared.
    The more organized you are for your trip, the less stress you’ll face while traveling. Make plans, solidify bookings, and print off an itinerary.

Seize the day and start creating memories with your children, even if you have to stop to take frequent bathroom breaks!

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