Help your kids get off to a good start this year and make it the best one yet!

The first day of school may have come and gone but it’s not too late to get your kids off to a great start – and keep up the good work all year long! As a parent, the days of summer may seem like a lifetime ago, filled with late-night barbecues, all-day adventures, and plenty of sunshine. With the school year already in place, now is the time to do a bit of prep work to ensure that your child is set up for the ongoing semester!

Encourage healthy eating. Filling up on nutritious, wholesome meals helps your child’s health, wellbeing, and energy. Don’t let kids skip out of the door without a good breakfast. Teachers have even found that kids who eat a healthy breakfast concentrate better in class. Ensure that your child heads off to school with snacks, too! Snacks such as raw vegetables, whole-wheat crackers, hummus, and fruit are great to keep your child going throughout the day!

Create a system for easy mornings. If you and the kids are frantically rushing around every morning, the day starts off with being stressed. Work out a system where you organize homework, books, lunches, and bags the night before school so that mornings are less hectic and everyone has time to eat, dress, and gather their things for the day.

Create a quiet place for homework. Kids respond to routine. Set aside a place in the house where your child can do their homework without any disturbances from the TV, radio, front door, or the like. This place should be clutter-free, quiet, and well-lit.

Schedule time for homework. It’s rare to find a child who wants to do their homework so the responsibility may fall to the parent. Set a certain time where your child must have started their homework and incorporate this as part of your routine.

Get involved with your child’s schooling. Even working parents who cannot visit the school during the day can take active steps to partner with the classroom teacher. Work to communicate with your child’s teachers to ensure that he or she is not slipping behind and take any necessary advice.

Involve him/her in an after-school club. Boys & Girls Club offer the after-school club Power Hour. This is a comprehensive homework help and tutoring program designed to raise the academic proficiency of Club members. Running from Mondays through Thursdays, contact your local club for more information!

From Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley, we hope that you and your children have a smooth transition into the school year. For information on all of our clubs and programs, visit us here.