STEM learning is the way of the future, but we want to bring it to kids today.

Kids today are getting excited about a grouping of fields that might surprise you: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Also known as STEM, these disciplines are helping American children stay competitive globally. More importantly, though, they’re offering a whole host of benefits to the kids themselves. Here are just a few benefits of STEM learning.

  • Encouraging creativity. STEM education is growing at a huge rate, thanks to the fact that developments in the fields themselves are skyrocketing. Not only does STEM learning regularly offer new, exciting information to today’s kids, it also shows them how much is possible if you put a little effort and creativity in. As new ideas are presented, it shows kids that they can come up with new ideas of their own.
  • Engaging with real-world ideas. STEM disciplines offer tangible learning opportunities, helping kids connect abstract ideas with realities they can grasp – literally. This makes learning easier and, in turn, more fun!
  • Ensuring jobs down the road. You never want your kids to have trouble finding work, so STEM is a great place to focus their education. The United States Department of Commerce reports that job growth in STEM fields was three times that of non-STEM fields in the last decade.
  • Embodying opportunity. STEM learning doesn’t just offer great ideas for your kids, it also offers great role models. From other kids inventing remarkable things using STEM education to an increased gender equality in STEM roles (more women are taking top-paying jobs in these fields), these disciplines have powerful examples for your kids.

If you’re interested in STEM learning for your own kids, contact Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley. We aim to help tomorrow’s leaders across the Conejo Valley get equipped for their careers by starting them in these exciting, fast-growing fields at a young age. Call us today to learn more about how our programs involve STEM education.