Get involved and get active for health and happiness for the family.

As a parent, you know that you need to encourage healthy habits, from balanced eating to exercise, in your youngsters. While it’s often overlooked, physical activity plays a significant role in keeping your child happy and healthy. Everything from cycling, swimming, basketball, jogging, dancing, soccer, and more can be enjoyed for fun but also promotes health.

Here’s why.

Increased cardiovascular endurance

More Americans die from heart disease than any other ailment. Regular physical activity is just one of the very important steps to protect against these diseases. If you want to get technical, aerobic activity can make the heart pump more efficiently, reducing the incident of high blood pressure. It raises blood levels of HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, the ‘good’ form of cholesterol that removes excess fats from the bloodstream.

Maintain proper weight

It’s no news that America has some of the most obese children in the world. The accessible fast food is not only a problem, but the lack of physical exercise. Exercise effectively burns calories and fat, streamlines the metabolism, and reduces appetites. Be sure to ask your pediatrician about the healthy percentage of body fat for your child.

Reduced stress

Unmanaged stress can cause muscle tightness, which can contribute to headaches, stomachaches, and other types of discomfort. Your child should learn how to recognize stress in the body and how to relieve it effectively. Fortunately, stress is one of the best ways to diffuse it!

Increased flexibility

For complete physical fitness, children need to be able to twist and bend their bodies through the full range of motions without experiencing discomfort. Although many people lose flexibility as they age, this process can be retained by stretching regularly before and after physical activity.

Getting your child involved in a healthy physical activity helps them to have fun and stay healthy! Head on down to Sumac Elementary School Field where your child can participate in a fun and low-competitive sports program: Sunday Soccer Sports League. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley Sports League encourages a physically healthy lifestyle, helping your child to shine their brightest.

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