Easy ways to say ‘thank you’ to your child’s school.

Is your child back at school already? If they aren’t, more than likely, you’re prepping for going back to school and getting the essentials ready. While you may be glad that the kids are back at school instead of bouncing off the walls at home, it’s time to show your appreciation towards the mentors, the counselors, even the custodians. After all, the workforce is what makes a school successful. As the children go back to school, make this the time to say ‘thank you’ to the school staff!

Get Baking

Are you the baking type? If so, why not whip up a batch of cookies or brownies for the staff break room? A tasty snack for the staff to enjoy is a nice way to show appreciation for everything that they do. Whether it’s colorful cupcakes, cute cookies, or a joyful cake, a little bakery good can keep the staff going while saying thank you for all of their long hours and hard work!

Put Pen to Paper

In this digital world, we often forget the value of a personalized written note. Sending an email is a quick way to let someone know that he or she is valued, but not as special as it could be. Take a moment to write a note to your child’s teacher, tutor, or mentor.  Just a small note of thanks is an easy (and affordable!) way to show appreciation to a member of staff. Better yet, encourage your child to make the teacher a personalized card.

Give a Gift

Just a small token of your appreciation helps a teacher, custodian, or staff member feel appreciated. Whether you purchase a bunch of flowers, buy something for their desk, or give them a gift card, saying thank you is easily done with a small present!

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